Citra Bangsa senior high school conducted mid-semester examination for the academic year 2019-2020

On 2nd to 9th of March 2020, Citra Bangsa senior high school did a midterm-semester examination for the students grade 10, 11, and an end-semester examination for the 12th graders. The events aimed to evaluate the students’ academic attainment after a three-month learning activity. Fifteen, as well as fourteen subjects, such as Civic education, English and Physics, were examined for the 10th and the 11th graders accordingly. From all the tested subjects for the 10th graders, 11 subjects were in the written form, and 4 others were in a practical method. Their seniors, 11th graders had 10 subjects for written test and 4 for practical.

At the same time, the 12th graders were also having the end-semester exam. The two tests existed at the same time due to the busy schedule the graders will have for the coming weeks. They will have tests like USBN, Practical Exam and UNBK. The students were examined on 14 subjects: 4 and 10, for a practical and written test accordingly.  

Written Test.

Each day, 2 subjects were tested. The first test started at 07.30 am to 09.00 am and after a 15-minute break, the second test began at 09.15 to 10.45 am. 


The examination got various responses from the involved kids.

Putra, a 16-year old student admitted that he did not prepare well himself for the test because he did not have any complete copy of the material for the subjects tested that day. Despite so, he would try to catch up with the material by completing his notes or by asking for help from friends. He initiated this so he could still learn at home. Moreover, he admitted that a 90-minute duration was enough because the long duration helped him in the test. He got the opportunity to not to rush during it.


Another view is expressed by Angel; 16 years old. Although she had reviewed the subjects the night before, she felt anxiety during the occasion due to feeling of afraid of giving incorrect answers. She continued that she needed to learn harder to know well the lessons. Besides, she agreed about the classroom setting; mixed 10th and 11th graders. This layout could minimize the students from cheating.


Practical Exam.

The exam was held after the written test. This test is also to see the students’ skill. Each student had 3 to 5 minutes duration to perform test materials that had been agreed by both sides; the student and his/her teacher. This kind of exam got attention from students. Sarez; 16 years old confessed examination like memorizing the Bible verses helped him to practice speaking in front of people. Such an opportunity like this was rarely experienced by him. He also felt anxiety for the presentation. To overcome the pressure, he had to practise several times the presentation at home. He suggested to his peers that to succeed in performance, practice at home is required. 


His female friends, Merindy; 16 Years old shared her experience saying: 


I felt nervous during the presentation speaking in front of a camera. My brain could not focus during the presentation

To prepare the presentation, Merindy listened to songs which tell about the theme she had chosen. She also drinks more water to maintain good concentration. Same as her friend Sarez, Merindy also felt the benefit of the exam method like this. This system teaches her to become persistence in facing the challenge during her presentation. The exam also helps her about time management. 


The system got me not to study until late at night. I also know more about Bible verses.” She said.  


We do hope this mid-semester exam can give parents and the students overview about the academic achievement from the previous three-month learning activity at school. We also do expect the result could give some evaluative information to students regarding their attainment after the school activity. The result will be given to parents in the form of a report. The school hopes that the students may then have a self-evaluation regarding his/her performance so they could then be motivated to apply good strategies for the coming three months.


The result of this exam also informs the school about curriculum achievement for the previous three months process. Hopefully, this result can encourage the better implementation of K13 curriculum which now officially used nationally. The teachers in Citra Bangsa School can also get some evaluative information about the activities that have been done together with the students. 

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